Art Along the Rogue Street Painting Festival

Art Wars, 5.4m x 12m

Grants Pass, Oregon

My team and I were recently invited back to lovely Grants Pass, in southern Oregon, to participate in the 13th Annual Art Along the Rogue. I have painted at this event off and on since 2007 and always enjoy the incredible art and music this event is best known for. This year’s theme was cartoons meet the movies, which yielded some pretty amazing designs by the participating local artists. Bravo everyone! I decided to jump on the Star Wars bandwagon by coming up with a not very cartoony but definitely arty piece based on one of America’s most beloved film adventures. Wanting to show that art triumphs over evil every time, ‘Art Wars’ depicts a very colorful X-Wing blasting paint at an Imperial Tie Fighter. A lot of fun to paint and a lot of fun to play with!

The icing on the cake came when local 501st Legion member, Dave Anderson, kindly joined in the fun with his Imperial issue Sand Trooper gear for photo ops with local ‘kids.’ Thank you Dave! (You just can’t find a nicer Imperial officer anywhere.) We love the 501st! And of course, we must give big thanks to Jeff Jones, John Bowman and the entire AATR organization for having us back again in 2015.