Tracy Lee Stum Partners With Nvidia With An Iconic 3D Display


Client: NVIDIA for the Siggraph Convention
Name of Piece: Utah Teapot
Size of Piece: 10’ x 15’
Materials: Chalk Pastel on Pavement

“Pioneering Graphics for the AI Generation” was the mission statement. We partnered with Nvidia for their Siggraph Convention. Our team created a 3D chalk drawing which pays homage to the Utah Teapot, an iconic 3D test object. We attempted to capture the process of an image being generated in reference to AI being able to generate incredible imagery now. The teapot is glass and lit in a way to highlight the realism that we’re able to achieve with computer graphics in present-day.

Martin Newell pioneered the Utah Teapot in 1975. He was a Computer Graphics researcher at the University of Utah. This teapot is iconic in the world of graphics and computing where it has become an ‘in-joke’ in the community. What a cool way to get in on the joke! 

The teapot was the primary inspiration for the piece. In an effort to illustrate that the teapot is virtual and floats in that space, we incorporated a fundamental layout of 3D street painting – with the teapot emerging from that virtual space, which exists below the existing pavement. 

Once the layout design was completed, our team member Julio Jimenez recreated the teapot using 3D rendering software to effectively create the luminance of glass as it would work with the existing environment. 

Guests interacted around the borders of the design, standing on the perimeter of the virtual space. 

Visitors to the site loved the artwork and enjoyed discussing the use of the Utah teapot in the design. 

Pieces like this make a memorable impression when people attend your event or venue. Take a look at how Tracy brought her expertise to 3D film leaders Disney for their Pandora: World of Avatar grand opening!

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