World-Class Talent and Expertise

From 3D Museums to Custom Optical Illusions, Tracy Lee Stum delivers premium, high quality and unique artwork to clients from all backgrounds.

3D Museums

At the forefront of the popular 3D illusion expansion, Tracy and her team are available to consult and assist in completing your next world class 3D Immersive Museum.

Tracy’s first museum was created in 2010 at the Home Square Mall in Hong Kong. Called the 3D Illusion House, this was the first of it’s kind in the world. Early 2021, she launched an interactive 3D museum, TiLT – a Tracy Lee Stum Museum in New Jersey, and another one will be opening up in the next few months in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Our team provides turn-key service which cover all aspects of conceiving and completing a 3D Museum:

  • Development of Concept
  • Pricing Options for the Project
  • Planning and Managing the Installation

Custom Designed Optical Illusions

Tracy Lee Stum | FranciscanWondering how to make a car appear to float?  

Tracy and her team offer design and production services for a number of optical illusions that combine images, sculpture, and photography to capture that one in a million ‘A Ha!’ moment! 

3D Murals 

Tracy Lee Stum | Statue WallStreets aren’t the only surfaces Tracy paints on! Indoors or outdoors, drawing a crowd wherever she goes. 

From concept to execution Tracy is available to consult, plan, and execute any of your public art needs.

Corporate Branding & Marketing Launches

Tracy has worked extensively with advertising agencies and marketing firms worldwide to craft colorful and mind blowing campaigns.

Drawing the public into an immersive wonderland featuring your brand, your message and our paint is our goal! 

Tracy and her team are experts at offering a wide variety of options for your street painting needs. From permanent installations to an image needed for an afternoon, we can advise you on the best solution for your project.

If you are interested in any of the images below please contact us for more information.

We can deliver on the following images:

  • Painted Images
  • Print Images
  • Transportable Print Images
  • Canvas or Panel Pieces
  • Multisurface Images
  • Augmented Reality Applications

Film, Television & Premiers

TVNo stranger to the camera, Tracy & team are available to whip up some magic for your next jaw dropping episode or feature.

We thrive in the creative cauldron of production and pride ourselves in always performing above and beyond expectations. Our work speaks for itself and so do we, contact us for a consultation. Go ahead – we double dog dare you.

Arts & Culture Envoy / Education

cultural-ambassadorFrom Beijing to British Columbia, Tracy has a passion for spreading the street painting word through cultural exchange!

Since 2008, Tracy has been a repeat grant recipient of the US State Department’s Arts Envoy program, introducing and teaching 3d street painting to thousands of students in a variety of countries in Asia and around the world. As an arts ambassador, Tracy is committed to empowering youth through the understanding that creative engagement has no limitations with imagination.

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