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3D Museums

At the forefront of the popular 3D illusion expansion, Tracy and her team are available to consult and assist in completing your next world class 3D Trick Eye or Illusion Museum.

Tracy’s first museum was created in 2010 at the Home Square Mall in Hong Kong. Called the 3D Illusion House, this was the first of it’s kind in the world. Since that time 3D Museums have been growing around the world with overwhelming success!

Our team provides turn-key service which cover all aspects of conceiving and completing a 3D Museum:

  • Development of Concept
  • Pricing Options for the Project
  • Planning and Managing the Installation

We offer original hand created works in print or live painting options. We can create  customized designs as well as offer ready made images from our art library.

From space and plan development to on site installations, we pride ourselves in our knowledge of each aspect required for a stunning and successful final result. 

To find out more about our services, contact us here

Custom Designed Optical Illusions

Wondering how to make a car appear to float? What about an impossible architectural structure that defies logic? Or an Ames Room where one person appears as large as a giant and the other as small as a mouse? 

Tracy and her team offer design and production services for any number of optical illusions that combine images, sculpture, and photography to capture that one in a million ‘A Ha!’ moment! 

Contact us today for info on how we can create a unique optical illusion you will never forget!

3D Murals 

Streets aren’t the only surfaces Tracy paints on! Indoors or outdoors – walls, ceilings and full rooms are also perfect for creating 3D images that can draw a crowd. 

From concept to execution Tracy is available to consult, plan, and execute any of your public art needs. With years of experience in the mural painting world, Tracy welcomes opportunities to apply her expertise and imagination to your project. Don’t just add art to your building or space – make it a work of art! 

We offer permanent images of any size, using eco-friendly materials for beauty, longevity and safety. Contact us today for more info on Tracy’s custom 3D murals!

Corporate Branding & Marketing Launches

AR-4dTracy has worked extensively with advertising agencies and marketing firms worldwide to craft colorful and mind blowing campaigns. Drawing the public into an immersive wonderland featuring your brand, your message and our paint is our goal! 

Along with creating our amazing live chalk pieces on pavement, Tracy and her team are experts at offering a wide variety of options for your street painting needs. From permanent installations to an image needed for an afternoon, we can advise you on the best solution for your project.

Painted Images – Using non-toxic water based paints, these are permanent and typically last 6 to 12 months. Best option for outdoor large installations with moderate to heavy footfall. 

Print Images – We are the leader in print 3D images, having provided turnkey quality installations since 2010. In fact, 65% of our business is print work! Whether we design a piece digitally or hand paint it in the studio, out printing process is seamless and hassle free. Our prints are of the highest quality that work within your budget. We oversee all aspects of the print process to ensure a high quality product for your event or launch.

The benefits of a print installation involve:

  • Increased traffic tolerance
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Ease of removal.

They look exactly like our traditional chalk paintings too. Your audience won’t know the difference! Ideally used for slick surfaces, indoor or outdoor, temporary or short term installations, small working time window, fast installations. 

Transportable print images – We are also pleased to offer these transportable, easy to install and maintain print images. We use a unique substrate that bends and stays put with exceptional print quality resolution. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is for your team to simply roll it up and send it off to your next event, with assurance it will look as fresh and new as the first installation! Clients find this useful for multi-location campaigns or uses over an extended period of time.

Canvas or panel pieces – We can create an image on canvas with paint or chalk to give you that life like feel for your particular installation requirements. This is best used as a backdrop when creating a multisurface image (see below). 

Multisurface images – If you need a wall and floor or an entire room created with an optical illusion, we can make that happen for you using any of the above options. In high demand, multisurface images make up 55% of our business!

Augmented Reality applications – Also known as 4D, we’ve produced some amazing Augmented Reality / 3D street painting hybrids over the years! Our team is available to consult and design an AR program for you that will astound your audience!

Call and ask about our latest 4D / Augmented Reality services, or just to ask how we’re doing – we like that too.

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Film, Television & Premiers

TVNo stranger to the camera, Tracy & team are available to whip up some magic for your next jaw dropping episode or feature.

We thrive in the creative cauldron of production and pride ourselves in always performing above and beyond expectations. Our work speaks for itself and so do we, contact us for a consultation. Go ahead – we double dog dare you.

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Arts & Culture Envoy / Education

cultural-ambassadorFrom Beijing to British Columbia, Tracy has a passion for spreading the street painting word through cultural exchange!

Since 2008, Tracy has been a repeat grant recipient of the US State Department’s Arts Envoy program, introducing and teaching 3d street painting to thousands of students in a variety of countries in Asia and around the world. As an arts ambassador, Tracy is committed to empowering youth through the understanding that creative engagement has no limitations with imagination. 

Her love of experiencing foreign cultures was developed through her ability to present and share her knowledge of street painting as a unique yet accessible art practice. Accustomed to multicultural environments with specific beliefs, identities and practices, Tracy embraces the conditions of these locations as a gateway to enhanced engagement. Through her art making workshops she is able to weave innovative and universal aspects of participation into the fabric of the local community. 

Workshop parameters: Youth aged 16 – 25; Professional artists of all ages; Class, Group or Individualized program plans; Theory and Technical Demonstrations; Practical Applications

Previous Grant / Workshop Programs:

2018 US Embassy Qatar – scheduled

2016 US Embassy Hyderabad
The Ken Foundation / CMR Central Mall – Visakhapatnam; 3 Prasad’s Multiplex – Hyderabad

2015 US Embassy Bangkok
Bangkok Art and Culture Center; Chulalongkorn Universit; Conrad Hotel -Bangkok; Chiang Mai University Art Center – Chiang Mai; Khon Khen University – Khon Khan

2013 Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs – Republican Youth Biennale – Almaty, Kazakhstan

2013 Bienal del Sur en Panama – Panama

2012 US Embassy Tajikistan – Dushanbe, Khujand                                                     

2012 US Embassy / American Center New Delhi – Jaipur Literary Festival, Jaipur
Kala Ghoda Arts Festival – Mumbai
IIT Vellore Riviera Festival – Chennai
Jugalbandi with Sudarshan Patnaik – Puri

Kolkata Book Fair / Nandan Center – Kolkata

2009 US Embassy / American Center New Delhi – IIT Kanpur Antaragni Festival Kanpur; Habitat Center – New Delhi; JJ School of Arts – Mumbai; Government College of Art – Kolkata

2008 American Center Mumbai – IIT Mood Indigo Festival – Mumbai; JJ School of Art – Mumbai

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Festival Coordination / Project Management

festivalsSoooo much more fun than the typical 2D festivals you grew up with! Whether large or small, confidently hand over your event structuring to our capable team for a first class experience. Need 5 artists or 500? Let us paint the town red and blue and yellow, on all fours, to bring art to life and people to the streets. We can deliver a management package that will allow you enough room to breathe easy & soak up the accolades!

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