Tracy takes it to the streets in a way that will leave your town talking!

Lead Artist - Tracy Lee Stum


Tracy Lee Stum began drawing as soon as she could clutch a crayon. She studied privately as a child and earned a Bachelor’s degree at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. She continued her studies in naturalism at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy.

A gregarious graffiti lover, Tracy began street painting in 1998 and is considered by Madonnari peers, festival directors and viewers alike as one of the finest street painters today.  Known for splashing color in festivals and events in all corners and crevices of the globe, her paintings have won numerous awards & accolades – her only regret is that her masterpieces rarely fit on the fridge.

In 2006 Tracy added the Guinness World Record to her collection of vinyl for the largest street painting by an individual.  In 2013 she was honored to be a contributor on the Cannes Gold Lion award winning team for their work in the now iconic Honda CRV commercial.

Experienced in multi-city campaigns for such clients as Cadillac, SoBe, and Dos Equis, Tracy is continually creating commissioned 3D and 4D works in chalk for advertising, public and private events, corporate PR and educational sectors. Her international team building skills have been utilized in developing street painting festivals in China, Mexico, India, Russia and throughout the United States.  Her art travels well and is always up to date on all of its shots.

Tracy has been privileged and honored to serve as the US State Department’s 2012 cultural ambassador.  She’s toured Tajikistan and India creating 3D street paintings and teaching workshops at distinguished universities and art colleges to promote education, awareness and positive cross-cultural communication.

In 2013 Tracy put on clean pants and stepped effortlessly into management as she curated the first annual DO/AC 3D Chalk Festival in Atlantic City, New Jersey, showcasing 14 renowned international 3D street art & chalk artists.

Tracy’s chalk conversations speak to her vast audience with imagination, beauty and playfulness – often with a thick Italian accent.

Team 3D

Not official until we made the first t-shirt, Team 3D is Tracy’s extended family of uber talented artists who contribute to the success of her many projects. Expanding or contracting as needed, Team 3D is synonymous with excellence and pastel prowess. Always the crowd wowing masters, whether it be for far reaching, multi-market campaigns or international art events worldwide, Team 3D tackles every tarmac with fury and finesse.

With over thirty years (and twice as many paint speckled pairs of skinny jeans) of combined experience in the industry, we approach every project with know how and gusto – most importantly, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty to bring a little 3D joy to our audiences around the world.

To add a little icing on this multi-dimensional cake, we’re proud to announce the addition of local Ventura based affiliate AR and animation masters to our extended team. These industry experts know their way around Cinema 4D and other heavy hitting dimensional software and they’re not afraid to flaunt it! Our awesome affiliates join us in labors of love and brilliant visuals rendering one of a kind applications worldwide.

Now on our second t-shirt, we hope to keep blossoming as a creative machine. Perhaps one day we’ll have a Team 3D t-shirt for every day of the week – making laundry day a breeze.

Dreaming big on a Monday.

Artist - Sharyn Namnath

Sharyn Namnath is a real Renaissance girl – being a unique charismatic collage of scientist, artist, hip hop dancer and motorcycle racer, she’s all that and a bag of chips even Frito Lay would envy!  Her highly organized skill set, attention to detail and professionalism on the job have made her a key member of Team 3D since 2010. Tracy tossed Sharyn a pastel and introduced her to the world of street painting in 2001, a decade and a few hundred pounds of chalk later and Sharyn has since logged countless hours on the pavement platform performing at festivals, commercial projects and events around the world.

Sharyn is an artist with a tech head (protected by a pretty pink helmet thanks to her love of the motorbike) using her skills with computer graphics and drawing to problem solve and facilitate projects both in studio and on site for our clients. A gifted communicator & terrific team player, our dance happy, paint sporting, speedy scientist Sharyn is a fabulous force on our project sites and you better watch out, she just might bust a dance move in the process.

Artist - Julio Jimenez

Since his days on the schoolyard hangin’ with Paul Simon and scrawling love notes on the playground blacktop, chalk has been Julio Jimenez’s favorite tool. Making good art his career of choice at the age of 16, Julio relied on chalk for its facile nature to easily create realistic imagery. ‘JJ’ joined Team 3D as a full time member in 2012 and hasn’t returned to the blacktop of broken hearts since!

He acquired his skill to create art and animation through the use of computer software while attending the Art Institute of California in Los Angeles. Skills which he now brings to Team 3D, and their desire to pretty up the streets of the world with artistic images of awe.

Transforming pavement since 2005, Julio brings his natural artistic ability and eclectic portfolio (including automobiles, anatomy, architecture, masterworks, and animals) to our studio to knock out some awesome 3D wizardry. Julio is a our talented team jokester and enjoys funning up the job site with his wit and humor. He’s also a sucker for a great Pho anytime he visits SouthEast Asia!

Pho Julio, we are grateful.

Artist’s Statement:

“My chalk conversations speak from imagination, beauty & playfulness through imagined and referenced sources, with nods toward art history, personal history, contemporary cultural iconography & global cultural influences. Perception, geometry, lighting, color and movement are essential to my work – as much as accessing my intuitive impulses. In choosing this unorthodox manner in which to communicate with others, I have surely found a suitable medium to express my visions of mind and heart.”

…all this and great hair, too.