Braunability: Using Artwork To Emphasize Inclusion

Client: Braunabiity
Name of Piece: Access Aisle Campaign
Size of piece: @20’ x 10’
Materials: Vinyl Graphic/Digital Design

My team and I loved creating this 3D Access Aisle artwork for Braunability. We created an optical illusion resembling a raised barrier to discourage drivers from misusing the space intended for those with mobility challenges. 

The 3D Access Aisle is visible in cities around the country as a conversation starter about inclusion. 

The optical illusion was designed to work with standardized parking slots adjacent to mobility challenged support vehicles. My concept began with looking at the older version of the parking striping feature in disabled parking zones. Our teams goal is with the optical illusion it will draw more attention to these zones. By using the approved blue curb color, the design seamlessly replaced  the standard flat striping in the parking spots, maintaining code requirements  for the design.  

Thanks to Braunability for asking my team and I to contribute to this engaging civic project.

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