Street 88 at Palm Hills

8 Interactive 3D Streetpaintings, 4.5m x 9m

Palm Hills Development, Cairo, Egypt

Extreme working conditions did not put off Team 3D when we traveled down to historic Cairo to paint up some interactive images at Street 88 in luxurious Palm Hills! Commissioned to create 8 unique and individual 3D designs for residents and visitors to Street 88, we covered everything from waterfall canyons to tiger pits to golf games and surfing. These pieces are permanent installations that are now preserved to be revealed at the scheduled opening of Street 88 in the fall of 2016. The locals loved the work and even the Minister of Culture stopped by to express his support of the initiative! Thanks Palm Hills for a very fun project.

Afterwards Team 3D treated ourselves to a few days of Nile River cruising to see all the glories of Egypt – Luxor, Aswan, Valley of the Kings, Memphis and Cairo. The Giza Pyramids and Sphinx were a highlight (of course) as well as the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the Karnak Temple and the Cairo Museum. Floating down the Nile River to enjoy Egypt’s mind-blowing historical sites was one in a million, while Cairo felt like a living museum – we were so glad we had a chance to enjoy some time off and hope to return again in the future!