Chefs’ Night Out

Drinks with James Beard, 2.5m x 2.5m x 2.5m (wall / floor combination)

Theater on the Lake – Chicago, IL

I love hanging with chefs! Food and beverage is always top notch at a chef / foodie event and this was no exception. Chefs’ Night Out is one party that caters to those being recognized and honored by their peers at the James Beard Foundations Gala Awards weekend. 

San Pellegrino wanted to try something different with this event so they commissioned me to come up with a clever way to enjoy a refreshing drink with the master himself, James Beard. Setting the scene with a cafe table and chairs, guests were invited to take a break and enjoy a refreshing Pellegrino for a photo op. 

Just about everyone at the event got into the act – paying tribute to James Beard or just enjoying the effects of a riotously good evening. Big thanks to Pellegrino for selecting to go with 3d street painting for a memorable night out! 

To see more images of the party on the art, check out #SanPellMoments on Instagram.