AGU23 – Adding World Class Artwork – To World Class Science!

Name of Client: AGU23
Name of Piece: ‘Glacial Vista’
Size of Piece: 12’ x 18′
Materials: Vinyl print from original acrylic & chalk painting

Our clients at AGU23 wanted a design that related to earth science, along with a precarious feel. I went with the pillar rising up from a deep cavern to emulate the notion of depth and space.

I looked at the 4 scientific neighborhoods of earth science – Beyond Earth, Earth Covering, Earth Interior and ASGScience Nexus – for initial inspiration. Once I sat with those areas of study I took what I felt was the best approach using a design that guests would easily identify with. My intention was to use components of various global spots to create an imagined landscape that felt larger than life & demonstrated the earth’s expansive wonder.

Our guests were invited to play in the painting by standing on the tall Totem Pole pillar, stand around the painting perimeter, or even dangle off the tall cliff face on the left. The beauty of providing multiple view points was to allow for imaginative play – each guest had their own unique way of interacting, which makes the painting even more personal for them.

Everyone at the show, our clients included, loved the artwork. Everyone was struck at how well the illusion worked! The reactions when they would see the image through their phone were terrific – lots of ‘wows’ expressed and of course, once seen as designed, they each wanted to jump into the painting. This installation was a great takeaway for conference guests. They left with a unique experience with an immersive optical illusion, one they could share with family and friends via the photo, who were not there with them.

This was my second piece in 2023 that allowed me to combine cutting edge science with art as I also worked with Nvidia.

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