The Escape – Norwegian Cruises

Kids Corridor, 76 m x 2.4 m

Caribbean / Bahamas / Florida

All hands on deck for this colossal project that set sea this year! That’s right, 3D art took to the high seas when cruise ship giant, Norwegian Cruises, launched their newest and largest vessel, The Escape, in November 2015.

Our job was to design a 3D environment for the ship’s Kid’s Corridor, which covered 250+ running feet (about 76+ meters). We started with a Caribbean water theme for the entire hallway, which starts out on the sandy beach and ends up in deep water for a treasure hunt.

6 large 3D wall & floor mural combinations were created, all drawn by hand with chalk, and then digitized for the final durable installation. Kids and parents can interact with photos no problem. The cool part about this installation is that each vignette was designed with an educational or fun game built into the artwork – we included a starfish hopscotch board, a matching jellyfish hunt, a sand dollar discovery, a harrowing bridge navigation and an alphabetical fish find, as well as a deep sea treasure hunt.

I had a blast drawing up these immersive environments since there was so much detail involved. My goal was to create wonderful designs for the 2 to 14 set but actually, this installation is for kids of all ages!