Dubai Canvas

Abseiling the Burj Khalifa, 3.6m x 3.6m / 2m x 3.6m

Skydiving Dubai, 3.6m x 3.6m / 2.7m x 3.6m

Jumeirah Beach Walk & Residences – Dubai, UAE

Parachuting and Abseiling Dubai – in 3D of course – thanks to the first ‘Dubai Canvas’ 3D Art Festival. That’s the latest destination spot I’ve had the pleasure to draw at recently. Created by His Royal Highness Sheikh Hamdan of Dubai, Dubai Canvas gathered some of the world’s top 3d street painters in one location, to dazzle residents and visitors to the Jumeirah Beach Walk and Residences. Invited to create 2 unique works for the event, each artist worked for 1 week creating Dubai themed images for the public’s enjoyment.

My two pieces showcased some of the fun activities seen in Dubai – skydiving and abseiling (a la Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol). I was pretty stoked to unveil a reverse perspective layout, not seen before at a festival, with my abseiling piece and it proved to be a big hit with the public. In fact, all the art work proved to be so popular that the organizers decided to keep the works up for 2 additional weeks. Rarely have I seen so much interaction with art works than at this event, with thousands and thousands of posts of the art showing up on Instagram and FB all week. I had a blast painting with my colleagues and friends (Cesar Paredes Pacora, Gregor Wosik, Tony Cuboliquido, Anthony Cappetto, Juandres Vera, Leon Keer, Julie Kirk Purcell and of course, the star of the show, Kurt Wenner), who all presented truly wonderful works. We even had a chance to throw in some site seeing, to…… you guessed it, the Burj Khalifa!


Thanks to my amazing on site Team 3D – Dubai: Sayak Mitra, Aaisha Memon & Mohamed Rowaizak!

Additional thanks to Yacob Ahli for the awesome Instagram pose photo of my work!