Vietnamese Press article online

Here is a new article posted April 13 with Dan Tri, a Vietnamese online news source. Check it out and stay tuned for new paintings to be posted in the next month, as I am off to Clemson University to create a painting for the O.A.R. concert being held there on April 18.

Street Painting as Public Art

I recently came across several blog articles focused on the use of street painting as a public art form – New Age Professionals, 3D / anamorphic work as related to fine art traditions, and Killing Denouement, which focuses on the hypothesis that street art steps into the realm of public art due to it’s inherent…

‘Stringwreck Hits the Streets’

On September 25 I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a public art event titled ‘Stringwreck Hits the Streets.’ This interesting and entertaining performance was created by choreographers Janice Garrett and Charles Moulton of San Francisco. Janice Garrett & Dancers were featured along with The Del Sol Quartet, both from the Bay Area.