Church Ceiling Dome Mural project; Part 1

I often wonder how our ideas of the divine play into our lives – how we think about it, how we reflect upon it and how we uniquely manifest it. Well, I have recently had an opportunity to indulge in all three of these musings, each thought resounding loud and clear in my experience for the past 5 months. This is all due to the latest mural project I have just (about) completed – a Baroque ceiling mural titled ‘The Trinity in Glory & Prophets’ for a church in Houston, Texas.

The mural was loosely based on an existing Baroque mural by Pietro da Cortona, painted between 1648 – 1651, at Santa Maria in Vallicella (Our Lady in the Little Valley), otherwise known as Chiesa Nuova, Rome. I used the basic framework and layering approach to the figures as seen in the original, keeping the same prophets, angels and cherub, while adjusting some of the compositional elements of the painting to accommodate the modified size of the dome. The focal point of the painting are three adjoining figurative groupings representing the Cross uplifted, Jesus resurrected and God the Father, respectively. These scenes are the first that a viewer would notice upon entrance to the church. Following the images upward, one would see a chorus of angels and cherubs receding into the distance, completed with a pronounced ring of garland and cherubs encircling the cupola edge at the very top. An image of the Holy Spirit in the shape of a dove crowns the mural at the very center of the dome.

I Madonnari Festival 2009 – Santa Barbara, California

Another year has come and gone and I find myself with a little case of post festival blues after completing my 12th year at the Santa Barbara I Madonnari Street Painting Festival. The festival celebrated 23 years this past weekend and the public support could not have been better. In the wake of the terrible fires that have decimated much of the local community, Santa Barbara came out in force to support this unique event.

Vietnamese Press article online

Here is a new article posted April 13 with Dan Tri, a Vietnamese online news source.

Check it out and stay tuned for new paintings to be posted in the next month, as I am off to Clemson University to create a painting for the O.A.R. concert being held there on April 18.

Street Painting as Public Art

I recently came across several blog articles focused on the use of street painting as a public art form – New Age Professionals, 3D / anamorphic work as related to fine art traditions, and Killing Denouement, which focuses on the hypothesis that street art steps into the realm of public art due to it’s inherent nature. 

Street Painting in India; Mumbai Students Show Solidarity with Mood Indigo 2008

2008 Mood Indigo Festival, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India

I’m honored and pleased to report that I’ve  just returned from a wonderful street painting experience in ‘Incredible India,’ specifically in Mumbai, where I was invited by Mood Indigo organizer Mukul Bansal, and his team members, to attend this year’s event and present street painting for the first time in this amazing country.

Art Along the Rogue 2008 – ‘Persephone Falling into Hades’

This year I was invited back to charming Grant’s Pass, Oregon to participate in the 6th annual Art Along the Rogue Street Painting Festival. I had last participated in 2006 and was looking forward to seeing my Oregonian friends for another weekend of great art and great music. This festival is spearheaded by Jeff Jones, a musician and art lover, along with the community of Grant’s Pass; they always do a great job at making us ‘out of towners’ feel welcome.

This year the festival had a theme – classical reproductions. Renaissance, Baroque, Pre-Raphaelite, Neo-Classical, Impressionism – anything by a great master.  Jeff asked me if I could participate in

‘Stringwreck Hits the Streets’

On September 25 I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a public art event titled ‘Stringwreck Hits the Streets.’ This interesting and entertaining performance was created by choreographers Janice Garrett and Charles Moulton of San Francisco. Janice Garrett & Dancers were featured along with The Del Sol Quartet, both from the Bay Area.