10 of World’s Most Amazing 3D Street Artists

While I have never considered street painting as graffiti (as it is not permanent nor does it deface property), I suppose that depends on one’s viewpoint. I was recently listed as one of the ‘Top 10 3D Street Artists in the World’ by WebUrbanist. I am deeply honored and appreciative that others find my work interesting or note-worthy – thanks Kurt!

Arabian Adventures 3

Unfortunately my Arabian Adventures have come to an end…..for now! The last few weeks have been truly amazing and profoundly affecting on me. I entered the UAE over a month ago with little more than a notion of what it was all about – and now feel as though I have had an amazing education as to the richness in

Arabian Adventures 2

More photos to post from Dubai. Having spent my last few days off out in the desert, this past week I decided to explore old Dubai, the Dubai Creek area, with 2 friends, Mikel and Colin. We took a taxi to the Dubai Museum and explored the nearby Bastakiya. This is where you will see traditional Arabic building