3D Chalk Art in Hong Kong at Student Workshop

While in Hong Kong for the Home Square 3D Illusion House Project, I had the pleasure of conducting a fun & informative 3 hour 3d chalk art workshop for select high school art students from the Hong Kong area. I get inquiries from people all around the globe on how to draw in 3D. Kids, especially, want to know how to draw in 3D, so it’s been very rewarding for me to add an educational component, via the workshop, to many of the contracted projects I engage in around the world. Last year’s workshops in India proved so productive for everyone involved that I

Dim Sum in Sha Tin!

Wrapping up a 10 day street painting event in glorious Hong Kong where I was commissioned to create 4 interactive chalk art images on a series of multiple surfaces – walls and floors in a variety of combinations. The uber cool thing was that I discovered a way to make the creations permanent, as in…

3D at E3 Expo 2010

What a trip! Had the recent opportunity to create a double dose of 3d chalk paintings at the fantastic E3 Expo in downtown Los Angeles. The event was held over 3 days, with thousands of attendees from all over the world, checking out the latest in gaming entertainment. I was commissioned to create 2 interactive chalk paintings for Ubisoft’s new Shaun White Skateboarding game for PlayStation 3. We had a blast rubbing elbows with the

American Center Street Painting Tour, Part 2 – India 2009

New Delhi

As some of you may know, I’ve recently returned from a rather exhilarating and adventurous trip to India where I participated at Antaragni Festival, IIT Kanpur as a guest featured artist. As part two of my India blog entries, this article focuses on the second phase of my trip, which was a 3D street painting workshop tour of prominent art colleges and universities throughout the country, sponsored generously by the American Center through the US Consulate in New Delhi.

Having worked with the US Consulate office in Mumbai last year in a similar capacity, I was invited by Aruna Dasgupta and her team to develop and demonstrate a 3D street painting workshop for local high school, college level and professional artists in New Delhi at the Habitat Center. The workshop was held over 3 days with morning and afternoon sessions which provided students with the opportunity to learn how to make street paintings and to delve into the mechanics behind basic 3D techniques. more…

India Street Painting Tour, Part 1 – IIT Kanpur

I recently had the tremendous pleasure of traveling back to India as a guest visiting artist to teach street painting, specifically 3d street painting techniques, to high school & college level students as well as professional artists in 5 major cities. Initially my tour began in Kanpur, India, where I would be arriving at IIT Kanpur as a participating artist in their annual cultural festival, Antaragni (meaning ‘The Fire Within.’) I’d been to India last year to participate in this capacity at Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay’s culture and arts fest. The response there had been so great that the organizing body at IIT Kanpur decided to add the street painting component to their roster this year as well.

3D Chalk Art and the Olympic Hall of Fame

3D Chalk Art Used to Recognize Olympic Hall of Fame Inductees I recently worked an interesting PR event using 3D chalk art for the announcement and inauguration of the 2009 Olympic Hall of Fame inductees.  Held at Millenium Park in downtown Chicago, I was commissioned by Allstate Insurance, who sponsors the OHF, to create a large 3D…