Vietnamese Press article online

Here is a new article posted April 13 with Dan Tri, a Vietnamese online news source. Check it out and stay tuned for new paintings to be posted in the next month, as I am off to Clemson University to create a painting for the O.A.R. concert being held there on April 18.

Street Painting Festivals

Are you interested in finding street painting festivals in the US and abroad? These are some of my favorites: Festival Bella Via, Monterey, Mexico – This large street painting festival has been an annual event in the ‘Barrio Antigua’ of Monterey since 2004. Boasting international participants and hundreds of national artists, this quality arts…

What Are The Origins of Street Painting?

When searching out how street painting first started I encountered a variety of versions of the story, from a variety of sources. All, however, generally agreed that it was first documented in Italy. While other forms of ephemeral works have been documented in other countries and cultures throughout history, I would like