….by using 3D with Augmented Reality (AR) to create another layer of engagement to your street painting!

Check it out for yourself by looking to the left to see how 3D with Augmented Reality (AR) wows Bangkok.

My latest creation was an exercise in discipline, creativity and experience – all the traits a pro like me has honed in the 16+ years that I’ve been drawing on the street. I like a good challenge – so when I was invited to participate in the ‘Living Arts Fest’ in Bangkok, Thailand this past month, I decided to take my work one step further by installing a complex ‘4d’ image for the public.


I love TED…..no really, I love what TED brings to the world through inspirational speakers, intelligent content and always amazing experiences. So when TEDxFoggyBottom director, Brian Doyle, invited me to participate in this years event with a 3D street painting &/or an Augmented Reality installation, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

I’d presented at TEDxSanDiego a few years back and was just blown away by my experience there. That event broadened my ever expanding view of the wonderful people around me, who are doing amazing things right here, right now, for the world at large. To be included in that family has just been an incredible honor for me, which also brings a big, ridiculous smile to my face.

Strategy& 3D street painting launch in Switzerland

Lights, camera, action! Off to lovely Zurich, Switzerland where my team and I whipped up a 3d street painting for PwC’s launch of new global brand, Strategy&. To announce the launch, PwC brought in British firm Radley Yeldar to design and deliver a global ad campaign for them. The print ads were seen in all the major global financial publications along with a digital ad campaign. The ads then led people to a film designed and produced by RY (which existed online, externally and internally and in offices foyers too) which gave it’s viewers a glorious, top level insight into what Strategy& is, luring the viewer deeper into the Strategy& website and offer. That’s where we come in.

3D Chalk Art – Future City Unveiled in Las Vegas!

One of my latest 3D Chalk Art installations was unveiled in ever-fabulous Las Vegas at the 2014 Kitchen Bath Industry Show (KBIS) for repeat client Wilsonart. I had created a similar multi-surface installation for them at last year’s KBIS, which proved to be a big hit at the show. This year Wilsonart wanted to continue showcasing 3d chalk painting with a new design centered around a futuristic city theme.

I love creating these multi-surface interactive installations, especially when I can add built props as part of the illusion. The

3d Street Painting at USBGC ‘Greenbuild’ Convention

Check out my latest 3D street painting installation for the USGBC (US Green Building Council) at their annual international conference, ‘Greenbuild’ 2013. The USGBC wished to commemorate their 20th anniversary by presenting a fun interactive 3d work for attendees to enjoy at the Greenbuild convention, while acknowledging an impressive member roster list which was included in the piece. Featuring a Utopian view of a future green environment, the painting key LEED certified buildings from around the

Honda ad

3D Street Painting in Honda Illusions – Impossible Made Possible Ad [VIDEO]

….and now the winner of the Cannes Gold Lion AwardFilmcraft : Best Art Direction / Production Design 


THIS IS JUST SOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!! I am happy to announce that the new Honda CRV – An Impossible Made Possible CRV ‘Optical Illusion’ commercial has something really new to offer fans of 3D street painting – big art and big illusions, all the way around.