Sharyn Namnath is a real Renaissance girl – being a unique charismatic collage of scientist, artist, hip hop dancer and motorcycle racer, she’s all that and a bag of chips even Frito Lay would envy!  Her highly organized skill set, attention to detail and professionalism on the job have made her a key member of Team 3D since 2010. Tracy tossed Sharyn a pastel and introduced her to the world of street painting in 2001, a decade and a few hundred pounds of chalk later and Sharyn has since logged countless hours on the pavement platform performing at festivals, commercial projects and events around the world.

Sharyn is an artist with a tech head (protected by a pretty pink helmet thanks to her love of the motorbike) using her skills with computer graphics and drawing to problem solve and facilitate projects both in studio and on site for our clients. A gifted communicator & terrific team player, our dance happy, paint sporting, speedy scientist Sharyn is a fabulous force on our project sites and you better watch out, she just might bust a dance move in the process.