Since his days on the schoolyard hangin’ with Paul Simon and scrawling love notes on the playground blacktop, chalk has been Julio Jimenez’s favorite tool. Making good art his career of choice at the age of 16, Julio relied on chalk for its facile nature to easily create realistic imagery. ‘JJ’ joined Team 3D as a full time member in 2012 and hasn’t returned to the blacktop of broken hearts since!

He acquired his skill to create art and animation through the use of computer software while attending the Art Institute of California in Los Angeles. Skills which he now brings to Team 3D, and their desire to pretty up the streets of the world with artistic images of awe.

Transforming pavement since 2005, Julio brings his natural artistic ability and eclectic portfolio (including automobiles, anatomy, architecture, masterworks, and animals) to our studio to knock out some awesome 3D wizardry. Julio is a our talented team jokester and enjoys funning up the job site with his wit and humor. He’s also a sucker for a great Pho anytime he visits SouthEast Asia!

Pho Julio, we are grateful.