Learn from the Master and take Your Artistic Talent to the Street!


Tracy Lee Stum is holding a Master Workshop on 3D Street Painting.

All skill levels welcomed!

May 16th – 19th

Ventura County Fairgrounds

Join Tracy In This

Fully immersive and comprehensive, full tilt, no holds barred, intensive Master’s Workshop where you get down and dirty with the techniques and tricks of this engaging art form. We’ll conceptualize, craft and create over this furious four day 3D Workshop as you expand the dimensions of your artistic abilities with the guiding hands and street wise wisdom of one the most respected and revered 3D Street Artists of our day.

Basic Design Theory ⬩ Inspiration and Conceptualization ⬩ Creating a Visual ‘Library’
Creating Convincing Design Drafts ⬩ Perspective for the Street ⬩ Anamorphic Projection
Interactivity ⬩ Research in the Studio / Photography / Computer Graphics
Translating Designs on to Public Spaces ⬩ Color ⬩ Technique ⬩ Media for Various Scenarios
Project Management

tracy lee stum workshopSpecial Topics:

  • Big Projects — How to break down the large jobs into manageable pieces!
  • Group Projects — How to build the right team for the right job!

Bonus Topics:

  • Documentation and Preservation of your Work
  • Maximizing Social Media Opportunities

One-on-one with Tracy, no question left unexplored, from brushes to marketing, to how to protect your knees and back. This is your chance to learn from the master with over 20 years of experience.

Master Workshop Also Includes:

  • 3D Street Painting Starter Kit – Everything you need to hit the streets.
  • Edible eats in a box – Or what non-artists refer to as lunch.
  • Welcome Cocktail Mixer – Let the blending begin!
  • A Copy of Tracy’s Revised and Updated book.
  • A firm handshake from Tracy – Oh, what the heck, make it a hug.
  • Endless opportunities for selfies – Take all the selfies you want, but please post all the selfies you take.
  • A wealth of knowledge and skill sets from Tracy herself. (Everything except her recipe for bouillabaisse.)
  • A creative adventure that’s sure to transform the way you view pavement.

Optional participation in the Santa Barbara I Madonnari Festival (May 22—25)

That’s right, take the skills you skimmed from Tracy and kick them to the streets in an honest to goodness Street Painting Festival. It’s your chance to shine and show off the skills you’ll learn from Tracy’s Master Workshop.


Tracy Lee Stum has been demonstrating and teaching 3D street painting techniques for more than a decade. A two time TEDX presenter, she has taught street painting workshops in the US, Mexico, China, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and India.

Understanding how 3D illusions work is the first step towards being a successful practitioner of the art form. I will lead you through a library of image concepts, approaches and stylistic patterns to help you access and recognize your own aesthetic sensibilities when crafting effective and engaging 3D works.”

Tracy has dominated the 3D Street Scene the world over with amazing art at the Super Bowl, in Hong Kong and Dubai.

“We’ll expand your skills through the use of proven traditional technology—from Baroque artists such as Andrea del Pozzo – to applications by contemporary masters like M.C. Escher, well explore the ins and outs of illusionistic philosophy and its applications today.”

Tracy continues to teach and has offer her expertise as a Cultural representative for the US Consulate / State Department in India, Tajikistan and Thailand, teaching 3D street painting to students at state universities and colleges worldwide.

“Learning how to approach a 3D painting for maximum benefit is key to a successful image. Well tackle the various means and methods for making 3D street paintings, so you feel confident approaching any subject matter on any surface.”

Tracy has crafted this 4 day Master’s Workshop for all skills levels, so whether you’re a novice or a past master of pastels and pavement, Tracy can help you go deeper into the 3D experience.

All this packed into an intensive, comprehensive and aptly named 4 Day Master’s Workshop for $2,997.00.

(Transportation and accommodations not included.)   

Besides great art and sturdy knees Tracy has this thing for, well, to put it nicely—words. Yes, words. Woo her with words and you can nab a scholarship!

We’re offering a full tuition scholarship to the student who can submit the best essay for why they simply must attend this workshop. Tell us in 500 words or less why your attendance will make the world a more beautiful place. Email us your story or a link to a video message to [email protected] and earn your spot on the street with the Masters. 

Don’t miss out, you’ll leave this exclusive workshop chalk full of new ideas and 3D tools, not to mention just plain full of chalk!

EARLY BIRD PRICE Available Until April 1st

 $2,997.00 $2,500.00

Workshop size is limited so register now!

In order for your 3D Workshop experience to be as personable and pedagogic as possible, space is limited to twenty students.




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