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No stranger to the camera, Tracy & team are available to whip up some magic for your next jaw dropping episode or feature.

We thrive in the creative cauldron of production and pride ourselves in always performing above and beyond expectations. Our work speaks for itself and so do we, contact us for a consultation. Go ahead – we double dog dare you.

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festivalsFestival Coordination / Project Management

Soooo much more fun than the typical 2D festivals you grew up with! Whether large or small, confidently hand over your event structuring to our capable team for a first class experience. Need 5 artists or 500? Let us paint the town red and blue and yellow, on all fours, to bring art to life and people to the streets. We can deliver a management package that will allow you enough room to breathe easy & soak up the accolades!

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cultural-ambassadorCultural Ambassador

From Beijing to British Columbia, Tracy has a passion for spreading the street painting word through cultural exchange. Working with the US Embassy as an honorary arts ambassador, while providing street painting workshop tours through countries like India, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan has allowed her to connect with an emerging global artist network and directly impact developing nations in creating new art markets for artists in those regions. She’s an artist who speaks fluently in the international language of creativity and is fully committed to promoting cross-cultural community.

Sounds pretty powerful, right?The good news is she has complete diplomatic immunity. That’s right. She can blatantly scoff the local laws and bite her thumb at the provincial police. With more chalk dust on her hands than a Kerri Strug wannabe, Tracy perks up pavement from Poughkeepsie to Peru. But she’s not the kinda gal to let that sort of power go to her head. No Sir!

Just don’t try to give her a parking ticket.

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AR-4dCorporate Branding & Marketing Launches

We have worked extensively with advertising agencies and marketing firms to craft colorful and mind blowing campaigns. We draw the public into an immersive wonderland featuring your brand, your message and our paint. We craft a new perspective on your public outreach with innovative, interactive and incredibly captivating campaigns. Now’s your chance to shake out the stale corporate complacency that got the last guy fired. Call and ask about our latest 4D / Augmented Reality services, or just to ask how we’re doing – we like that too.

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educational-workshop3D EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS

Spatial intelligence doesn’t just grow on trees, no, it’s shaped, molded and baked into the brains of everyone who signs up for one of our workshops. And the best thing is you don’t have to know math or even how to say anamorphic, all you need is a lust for fun and the willingness to get your hands and knees caked in a rainbow of colors. Programs designed for ages 7 to 97, all art abilities welcome. For the serious student Tracy will be offering a new Master Class program being presented in May 2015. While you might think you’re impressed at what we can conjure up, wait until you see what you can do!

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