3D Chalk Art Drives Nissan

3D Chalk Art 2013 Nissan Pathfinder - Tracy Lee Stum


Is it real… or is it 3D Chalk Art?

That was the question in New York’s Meat Packing District on August 1 & 2 when my team, Sharyn Namnath, Rod Tryon and myself, created a dimensional roadway street painting in 3D for Nissan. The event announced the launch of Nissan’s 2013 Pathfinder, which is billed as an all city, all terrain vehicle. I was tasked with the fun job of making the car appear to drive down out of the Manhattan street into the wild blue yonder.

3D Chalk Art Debuts at Colors of St. Petersburg, Russia

I had the wonderful pleasure to participate as an invited artist at the 1st Annual ‘Colors of St. Petersburg’ Street Painting Festival this summer. I had traveled to St. Petersburg in 2010 and was excited about returning to draw with the national artists. I used this opportunity to present my work via a 3D street painting master class for participants, and a hands on workshop painting with a crew of local artists who proved to be not only talented, but great fun to

3d Chalk Artists Trek to Machu Picchu

As mentioned in my blog article about my experience in Antofagasta, Chile, Sharyn and I both decided to extend our South America adventure with a trek up to Peru to visit the fabled & magnificent Macchu Picchu. We were joined by Fred in Lima for the start of a truly wondrous adventure.  We hit Cusco first, where we sampled the delicious chicamorada (purple corn beverage), Pisco Sours and Cuy (Guinea Pig), and alpaca, then moved on to the Sacred Valley, where you can check out Pisac for market shopping and Ollantaytambo for your first taste of Inca ruins. Afterwards we rode up to Aguas Calientes by

3D Street Painting by World-Class Chalk Artists in Chile

Hola amigos! Magical, inspiring and ingenious – that how I’d describe my latest 3d chalk art adventure in beautiful Chile. My dear pal, Sharyn Namnath and I jetted down to lovely coastal Antofagasta, Chile to participate in the highly anticipated ‘Dia del Ingenio’ – 3d Street Painting extravaganza, sponsored by 3M. Slated for May 3, 3M decided to bring 3 of the world’s best street painters down to Chile, to simultaneously create 3 large scale 3d images, signature pieces created by each artist to promote ingenuity in the arts. You can see 3 is definitely the lucky number here!

Of course I was honored to be one of the three, and was excited to be drawing with world phenom Julian Beever, topping the bill in Santiago, and street painting icon, Kurt Wenner, making magic in Concepcion. The whacky thing about this was that we did not know about the other artists until we arrived, so it was a surprise for us for sure. Talk about turning the pressure on! So we put our best foot forward and hoped that our painting would please the people of Antofagasta.

Incredible 3D Street Art India

3D Street Art Makes a Heartfelt Mark on India

3D street art in Kolkata, India with Tracy Lee Stum

Incredible! Truly the perfect adjective that springs to mind when summing up the latest art adventure I’ve recently had the good fortune to experience. From across oceans, deserts and mountains, and into the kaleidoscopic sanctum of my mind / heart – India and its people do not disappoint.

Invited back by the US Consulate of India to appear on a second edition of my 2009 3D Street Painting Tour, I was honored to conduct workshops and create exhibition pieces at amazing venues around the country: the renowned Jaipur Literary Festival (where I missed Oprah by days!); the renowned Kolkata Book Fair & Nandan Arts Center, Kolkata; Vellore Institute of Technology’s Riviera

3D Street Painting at Westfield Malls for the Holidays

3d Art LOLiday Westfield Mall

3D Street Painting for the Holidays

If you get to a Westfield Mall this holiday season, you’ll have a good chance of being a part of 3D street painting! I’m excited and pleased to announce my participation in Westfield‘s new ‘Loliday’ promotional campaign. If you shop at one of their locations, you’ll have an opportunity to take a wild sled ride, or play with holiday penguins. I’ve designed for them for shopper fun. They’re set up so you can take photos with your friends, post on Facebook or Twitter and enjoy the