Katy Perry Live: Witness World Wide

‘Witness’, 10′ x 25′ (3m  7.5m)

Los Angeles, California

What an amazing experience! 3d street painting with Katy Perry! We were so excited to take part in the Katy Perry Live: Witness World Wide livestream – see here: https://www.katyperry.com/video/witness-world-wide-livestream/ to support the launch of Witness, her fifth studio album. 

Living with a superstar, that’s what this experience brought to her adoring fans. Katy invited a wide variety of guests and friends to participate in giving the world a glimpse into what it’s like to be Katy. YouTube hosted the livestream, which featured Katy living in a Big Brother-style house with cameras covering everything, from eating, to working out to sleeping and everything in between. It began Thursday, June 8, and concluded with a free concert on Monday, June 12, in LA.

I was thrilled to bring my art and Team 3D down to the set to create a custom 3d street painting for one of the overnight segments. Working through the wee hours of the night, while being broadcast around the globe, we wrapped the painting just as Katy was waking up. She loved the art and had a blast playing on it with guests and friends such as James Corden and Pentatonix. Ever the gracious professional, Katy spent 15 minutes with my team and I chatting about street painting and how 3d images work. Being from Santa Barbara she knew all about the I Madonnari Festival, which is where and how I personally got started on my amazing career as a street painter.

What began as an audacious experiment quickly became an incredible social experience embraced by millions, 49 million to be exact. #kpwww certainly proved to be a genius project to reconnect with fans worldwide. 

She capped off the livestream with a private concert in downtown LA for about 500 fans. Team 3D Julio Jimenez, Terena Wong from Hong Kong, and I were on hand to witness Katy up close in personal, doing what she loves best. Amazing!!!

Thanks to Katy and the entire production team involved – it was a stellar experience for us all the way around!