I love TED… really, I love what TED brings to the world through inspirational speakers, intelligent content and always amazing experiences. So when TEDxFoggyBottom director, Brian Doyle, invited me to participate in this years event with a 3D street painting &/or an Augmented Reality installation, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

I’d presented at TEDxSanDiego a few years back and was just blown away by my experience there. That event broadened my ever expanding view of the wonderful people around me, who are doing amazing things right here, right now, for the world at large. To be included in that family has just been an incredible honor for me, which also brings a big, ridiculous smile to my face.

Honda ad

3D Street Painting in Honda Illusions – Impossible Made Possible Ad [VIDEO]

….and now the winner of the Cannes Gold Lion Award – Filmcraft : Best Art Direction / Production Design 

THIS IS JUST SOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!! I am happy to announce that the new Honda CRV – An Impossible Made Possible CRV ‘Optical Illusion’ commercial has something really new to offer fans of 3D street painting – big art and big illusions, all the way around.