Wells Fargo Stories

Skaters Up!, 6m x 6m

Wells Fargo Headquarters – Phoenix, Des Moines, Charlotte, Minneapolis

Wells Fargo commissioned us to create a unique 3d experience for a 4 city tour which highlighted their internal website, Wells Fargo Stories. We traveled to 4 Wells Fargo campuses in Phoenix, Des Moines, Charlotte, and Minneapolis to exhibit the painting – a skateboard ramp ready to drop into! The design was created from one of the stories on the website about SkateMD, a children’s skateboard clinic program created by a Wells Fargo team member. SkateMD caters to children with disabilities, teaming up with top level skateboarders who volunteer to teach and work with the children. So coooool!!!! I had a blast detailing the artwork on site and Wells Fargo team members loved it!