National Aviation Day

First Flight, 15′ x 40′

Wright Brother Memorial – Kill Devil Hills, the Outer Banks, North Carolina, USA

The Outer Banks Bureau commissioned my team and I to bring a new artistic dimension to their National Aviation Day celebrations on August 19. Located at the historic Wright Brothers Memorial in Kill Devil Hills, of the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina. National Aviation Day was first proclaimed on August 19, 1939, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. This day also coincides with Orville Wright’s birthday. Activities included demonstrations from NASA, NOAA, the Coast Guard, guest pilots, skydivers and plane exhibits.

Team 3D painted up an image showcasing the first flight of the Wright Brothers over the Outer Banks. We also facilitated a free chalk draw for locals who wanted to create their own images, especially popular with the children who stopped by. A well attended event, our 3D art added a fun photo op /  interactive component for all who attended!

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