Kong: Skull Island

Kong Footprints – 6m x 4.5m each

Los Angeles – Capitol Records, LA Live, Hollywood & Highland

Marketing wizards GranDesign Media teamed up with us yet again to make a BIG 3D impression around LA for the release of Kong: Skull Island in theaters March 10, 2017. Random sightings of footprints around town – on the beach, in Runyon Canyon and in three prime LA locations – showed up days before the film release, creating a buzz on local media and social channels. 

My team and I were pleased to bring the 3D illusion portion of this campaign to life using digital print technology and live on site painting to ‘Wow’ the public. The photos speak for themselves. See what Adweek had to say about this campaign here: http://www.adweek.com/creativity/giant-ape-footprints-appear-around-l-a-in-larger-than-life-stunt-for-kong-skull-island/ A terrific project with some really terrific people!