King Tut – Golden Treasures of the Pharaoh

‘Descent to the Tomb’, 3.6m x 5.4m

California Science Center – Los Angeles, California

I was honored to create a King Tut streetpainting to announce the confirmation of ‘King Tut – Golden Treasures of the Pharaoh’, to the California Science Center. I have always been a huge fan of ancient Egyptian art and culture, and having just been to Egypt in 2016, had seen Tut’s tomb first hand in the Valley of the Kings. It was so extraordinary to experience the wonders of the ancient pharaoh’s where it all happened – my goal was to bring some of that magic to DTLA at the Science Center. 

The exhibit celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the discovery of the King Tut’s tomb and is billed as the largest King Tut exhibition ever toured. Tickets are on sale now, with the exhibit opening on March 24. I’ve got my tickets – what about you?