Educause 2016 Conference

‘Stairway to the Future’, 3.6m x 6m

Anaheim Convention Center – Anaheim, Cailornia

Educause is the leading trade convention in North America supporting IT in the education sector, and they were looking for some fun, creative ways to brand their event this year at the Anaheim Convention Center. My team and I were commissioned to create a myriad of branding solutions for them to support their initiatives, philosophy and planned events, from column wrap graphics to messaged 3d pop ups. ‘Sketch The Future’ was the theme so we got right to it by creating several live artworks during the convention, both indoors and out. 

Our outdoor installations included a print 3D street painting for participants to pose on for photo sharing, along with several smaller pieces placed around the event to support their guest speaker, Alex Sheen (Because I Said I Would – Ted Talk), on the final day of the convention. Those were easy enough to create and we had fun interacting with the attendees who couldn’t wait to jump for photo ops. The bulk of our time was spent indoors, creating two unique chalkboard style murals (sized 26′ x 8′ each) that highlighted the goals, targets and ideas behind Educause. We were pleased to have guest chalkboard artist, Maggie Johnson Choate, join us for this art experience, where we drew, painted and stenciled live during the conference. Adding an interactive chalkboard for comments and suggestions in the main hall, our playful and colorful chalk art added an organic, dynamic component to the attendee lounge in the main hall. A terrific project that pushed us into new & fun territories, Educause loved our contributions which added to their successful event.