3D Door Murals

6 Designs, 8′ x 3′ each

Hotel Z – San Diego, California

Hotel Z, the newest property in the Pineapple Hotel organization, had such a great time with us for ComiCon 2015 that they wanted to keep the fun going in 2016. They asked me to come up with an interesting way to bring 3D inside the hotel so here’s what we whipped up – a series of bespoke 3D murals to adorn the guest room doors throughout the hotel! How much fun is that?!

Asking for no holds barred, we went from a zoo breakout to inside an aquarium. From peeping through a keyhole to climbing a stairway to heaven; and a Pineapple Lego installation to a toy game grab, all with the signature Pineapple flavor. Mascot Fluffy even makes an appearance!

Hotel doors today, who knows what’s next?! We’ll add 3D mural art to just about anything! And don’t be surprised if you stop by Hotel Z and see a giraffe, zebra and rhino making a break for it……