1. Steve Trudeau

    I have my advanced art students end every year with a street painting as their culminating activity. I wish I had found your video before they began this year, but I’ll make sure to have them view it in following years. Your instructions are great and your work is equally great. Thanks!

  2. Penny

    YOU’RE AMAZING! Keep it up! God has indeed blessed you with the power to wonderfully create….

  3. You are brilliant. My oldest son loves art and he thinks you are awesome. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Hi Deanna,
      Thanks so much for the interest. Yes, please feel free to post my info if you like. I hope that many ‘students’ can view and learn from my video tutorial. More posting soon so stay tuned!

      All the best,



    • Jesmen!

      So glad you approve! My goal was to simplify this into the easiest illustration possible, making this accessible to all age groups. I look forward to seeing you in your lovely country again soon! Saludos de California!

  5. Petya

    Thank you so much for sharing! You are amazing and as I’ve seen from other videos, a great team. I wanted to ask you what kind of chalk are you using?

    • Hi Petya,

      Thanks for the kind comment! I use a variety of inexpensive chalks available through several sources. You can find these on my Q & A pages, ‘What materials do you use when making a street painting?’ I also use my own homemade chalk pastels, again the recipe is under my Q & A tab ‘ How do you make your own chalk?’

  6. Petya

    I meant you have a great team as well! 🙂

  7. kelly

    WOW! that is amazing! Ive only done drawings with my grandaughter since she was two. We now have the grown up neighbors joining in and we chalk all kinds of things on my 87 year old neighbors driveway, she loves it. I would love to learn to draw some 3D for her and to teach my grandaughter. Great work!

  8. Hello Tracy, I mean for me are the best best artist, little time I began to paint 3D are the beginning and I do not help anyone learn from its own mistakes photographers, I can help with some advice or where to see more demo with you, I would like to try to paint it myself with little fountain demo only with your consent, I paint for a living are in another country and I have no help, but I love to paint and…..I hope you’ll understand and not reject me.
    Sorry my English is not the best!

    • Hi Stefan,

      Thank you so much for the kind comments and your interest in my work. I think I understood that you’d like to create a fountain image of mine? Yes, you have my consent and I am deeply appreciative that you asked me permission! I wish you all the best with your efforts. As for help, you only need try, as that is how I learned. I had no teachers – it was all through practice and experience. I hope the video on my site was of assistance – please let me know if you have any other questions.
      Out of curiosity, which country are you in?
      All the best,

  9. jodi

    i just finished Art along the rogue street drawing…it was awesome sure wish i had seen this video prior to doing it..even though i have had 3D drawing courses i sure could of used a refresher…LOL…thanks

  10. Hi Tracy,
    Thanks for the response yes I realize that by working you will learn and become in time maybe a little artist.I am in Europe, Romania, and are now in Germany-KÖln, but several demo videos of yours where I can see?Or when he comes here next demo?For helping me so much that they see you and thank you again!
    You are the best for me Tracy!!!

  11. Joe Fogarty

    Hi Tracy, I really enjoyed your demo.I notice on your larger works you have a grid, is this to scale up ? How do you manage your drawings, is there somewhere to learn that aspect of it ? I hope to create a 3d drawing next June 2012 so I will be practising from now untill then.
    Once again I think your creations are brilliant !!!!!

    • Yes Joe, I use a grid to create the proper scale as needed. I don’t always work with a grid – organic images are easy to freehand but with precise layouts, yes, it helps with the effectiveness of the illusion. Hope that helps!

  12. hiren

    Excellent,nd no other words..but may god bless you…nd carry on…
    May god gives you too much success in your field like michel jackson…

  13. Desdemona

    I love this! I want to try too! You are the best! 🙂 Desdemona

  14. Namaste! Tracy my website name is “7thsenseart.com”, but your works are beyond that point…..truly great friend ! BEST WISHES!

  15. elow tracy u rili amazed me…..you’ great……. bravo…

  16. i am looking 4ward to see you even in my dreams ajajajaja coz i know that reality is impossible…… god bless

  17. mark

    awesome nice piece of art,..you’re such a gifted.

  18. Maddie

    I am deffinantly using some of your 3d art ideas at my art show! Recreating them of course but these are so amazing! thank you so much! you helped me a lot with my chalk drawing techniques in 3d and even 2d 🙂 thank again! have a great spring!

  19. Tammy C. Marrujo

    Tracy…..you are truly amazing @ wut u do. When I found pictures of what u and ur team do, I absolutely loved it. Words to me can’t say how awesome I think what u do is. Some day I hope I can do tht. It would be so kool to do any of tht. N maybe one day I will. (: cross ur fingers! (:
    Thank u for sharing ur talent w/the world (((:

  20. when r u gonna be in Philly/Ocean City (NJ or Maryland)/NJ/NY???? I would loove to see your 3D art first hand God Bless ur talent!!!

    • Keep checking my calendar Dalis. Unfortunately nothing scheduled in that part of the US at this time, but you never know when that could change! Thanks for your interest in my work.

  21. Maureen Colbert

    All I can say is WOW!!! You are so talented. Just watching you work was an experience in itself. As for myself, I just doodle, but I love watching how others create some awesome art. A friend turned me on to your site and well, I’m hooked. I cannot wait to see if you ever make it to Philly, for I would love to be able to watch you work in person.

    • Thank you Maureen! Your support is very much appreciated:-)

  22. jayanand p narkar

    hey hi tracy i just saw your demo its just superb,actualy i am nt a proffetinol artist but i am big lover of all differant kind arts,n always in serch of new things to do as a hobby.for long time i was in serch how to do 3Dstreet chalk art,now i am sure that my serch is finish n i hv confident that can atlist i can start chalk painting from smaller size to bigger. your demo realy help me out for my 3D STREET painting,AND i will send you photo copy of my VERY FIRST 3D STREET PAINTING thank you once again have a perfect day!!!!!

    • Great to hear this Jayanand! All the best with your own creations and please do send us images of your works when completed!

  23. Deepankar

    i want to learn this … can u ??? pls dear.

  24. Roberta Rutledge

    Wow!!! I love your work. Does it matter what type of chalk to use? I wanna learn to draw in 3d so badly 🙂 Your artwork is truly amazing. Any tips for a first time artist?!

    • Hey Robert, thanks so much for the support! You can use any chalk pastel you like – just stay away from oil pastels. Good luck:-)

  25. its ossame paintings no i reyali like this

  26. David Nornberg

    Great Job Tracy !! Thanks for the demo. It helped me a lot. I am also planning in the future to create some street paintings. I will try to implement what you just showed in the demo

    • Great David – keep me posted on your creations. I’m interested to see how my tutorials impact and empower others. All the best!

  27. Jesse

    Not being an artist,when I first thought about doing this I was sure using tools like meter sticks, snap lines and grid lines was a big cheat tactic. Now, I feel better after watching you and others work. That would make one of my possible projects much easier.

  28. Gabriel

    I liked the video. Have one to take the great idea of how to make a 3D design. I’ll see if I can ocmprar your book.

  29. Sarah Lopez

    Hi Tracy! I was researching on optical illusions used in painting for my thesis and I stumbled on your website and I must say it’s a big help. You are truly amazing. Your works are superb and I can’t wait to show it to my adviser as samples. However I registered here to view your how-to video but I can’t see it, it’s not in this page. I will need to execute a small scale anamorphic pavement art as the result and I’d love to know what I can use on the floor as a base layer because the officer-in-charge won’t allow any chalk, paint, pencil, etc activity on the floor. Any recommendations? Thank you!

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