3D Street Painting on the Russian Riviera

As part of the 2011 International Investment Forum, I was invited to the beautiful coastal city of Sochi, Russia, on the Black Sea, to create one of my 3D street painting images. Sochi is a lot like Santa Barbara or the Amalfi Coast in Italy – a gorgeous location with lots to do in the sun and sea. If you’re looking for a great vacation get away, this is it. The Sochi Park organization, who is currently constructing a new amusement park which will be opening in conjunction with the 2014 Olympic Games to be held in Sochi, asked for an image that showcased their new rides, the scenery of this lovely city and some of the folk tale characters that are near and dear to the Russian populations’ hearts.  The 3D chalk art image proved to be very popular with the public and local Russian TV had a field day with it. My clients were thrilled with the result, which was the best compliment for me. I suspect we’ll be seeing more 3D street art appearing

3D Street Painting featured at TEDx San Diego: The World in Our Grasp

I am honored and pleased to announce that I will be presenting as part of the TEDx San Diego line-up this December, 2011. I am very excited to bring my 3D street painting story to the stage and share ideas, images and reflections on how this art form has influenced and improved the advancement of creative expression for a wide global audience.
For information: http://www.tedx-sandiego.com/speakers/

Update on my participation in the TEDx Youth @ San Diego event. Big congrats go to everyone at Canyon Crest Academy for their inspiring and professionally run event – what a magical experience!!!! The students, the faculty, parents, friends, Tedsters, Sharp support team members and TEDx San Diego all deserve big kudos for their hard work. Special thanks go to Kellie, Lesa and Tracy for